Advisory Services

Our Advisory Services provide a sound basis for both starting and more experienced entrepreneurs. The purpose of the advisory services is to achieve performance improvement across the board of your company. The translation needed to put the identified improvement points into practice forms an essential part of our advisory services.

A Demand consultant earned his/her stripes in various business and has a strong background in his/her field of expertise. We started as hospitality consultants, but due to an increasing demand from small and medium-sized companies we have been advising several successful clients within this target group for several years now. The complexity of the hospitality (including financing, operational and positioning) has given us the experience to be the perfect advisory partner within the SME sector.

In which your advisor, together with professionals from the market, carries out a complete scan of your company. From this scan, opportunities, threats and risk areas come to the fore. Based on this outcome your adviser will determine a direction for further (in-depth) research. An improvement process can be worked out from this research.
The market is your turnover, but is your market still sufficient? Do you notice a drop in turnover or want to grow? Then a market scan is a perfect way to determine which direction to go. The DEMAND adviser helps you make solid choices and provides you with the handles you are looking for.

Did you know that every entrepreneur at the bottom of the line leaves at least 10% profit? This all has to do with achieving an optimal return. An improvement project in the area of efficiency is often a follow-up process on a 360 degree scan. The DEMAND advisor will draw up a plan together with you and come up with concrete advice and monitor these. The process of efficiency optimization does not stop at just issuing advice. DEMAND continues where others stop.

Often a consequence on the 360 degree scan from which, for example, leakage in your purchasing organization has been detected. Your DEMAND advisor will draw up a improvement plan together with a purchasing professional to make your purchases more effective, more decisive or with less waste.
Your human capital is your most valuable asset; Talent acquisition, talent management (career guidance), development management, contract management, staffing needs are all essential parts of a professional organization. The DEMAND adviser will help you in all these areas and will gladly answer the question for you; How do I get the best return from my human capital?
A painful moment for every organization and when badly managed, a reorganization can jeopardize the future of your company. Reorganisations are not only necessary if you end up in a lesser period, but can also be necessary at times of growth. The DEMAND advisor will supervise your reorganization from A-Z and the negative exposure of your organization. This by finding the ideal balance between the person in question and the business interest.


DEMAND Recruitment​

The full sister of DEMAND Advisory Services is named DEMAND Recruitment. Like her big brother, DEMAND Recruitment is built on talents, however, specializing in everything that has to do with your staffing needs. Whether it is recruiting and selecting staff or fully managing your HR department, you can entrust DEMAND Recruitment. We all have hospitality blood and made from our hobby our daily job. We do go that extra mile!